Next event: Writing Secure Code

A virtual presentation and interactive hands-on lab

We'll walk through web application examples covering how to identify, exploit and guard against stored XSS, CSRF, and directory traversal. Participants will then get a chance to rewrite sample code to harden their apps from attack and test whether their fixes are successful.

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Learn practical cybersecurity skills

White Hat Academy offers hands-on security labs so you can train in realistic situations using the same tools you would use on the job.

We began as a cybersecurity Meetup group (now with 1,000 members!), where we’ve held a number of Capture The Flag competitions and training workshops. Our students wanted more hands-on practice, so we created a way to do just that: try out our platform while we’re still in beta.

We are building full course tracks and new, practical certification covering web application security and penetration testing.

White Hat Web Application Security Expert (WH-WASE)

As a certified Web App Security Expert, you have demonstrated mastery of web application security. You know how to find, exploit, and suggest corrections for a vast array of vulnerabilities, including those found in some of the latest web technologies. From open source intelligence gathering, through the full OWASP Top 10, and onto advanced techniques like fingerprinting application architecture and breaking weak user session crypto, nothing gets past you.

White Hat Junior Penetration Tester (WH-JPT)

As a certified Junior Penetration Tester, you are familiar at a high level with all of the topics common to the role of a penetration tester, including basic web application security, enumeration and exploitation techniques, and post-exploitation strategies. You know your way around a network, including Linux and Windows servers, and can use tools like Metasploit, nmap, tcpdump, and custom scripting to get what you need.

Keep your employees’ infosec skills up to date

Interested in improving the security skills of your current staff? White Hat Academy can offer custom corporate training both in-person and using our online challenge labs.

Want to improve your hiring process by testing candidates’ practical skills directly? We can help create customized skills assessments that match the roles you need to fill.

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